SPM Social Event: Brewing Bonds


The Social Events Committee chaired by Lim Eng Boon and his team organized a very well attended event on 24 April 2024 at the BCA Academy. The objective of this event was to foster SPM’s community spirit and create awareness amongst Non-SPM Members about the SPM, its objectives and the opportunities for career advancement.

The event was carefully organized by the Committee with delicious food which offered a chance for all guests to mingle and network. The ice breakers were fun and engaging so that all attendees had an enjoyable time. Underlying this was the message that the SPM wants to bring in for new like-minded members to join SPM.

The event was well attended by both SPM members as well as their invited Guests. SPM President Bernard Ho shared the objectives of SPM, the assistance that would be given for interested members to join SPM in terms of their applications. He also spoke on upcoming events such as the Social Golf Event as well as the Annual Dinner, both of which are becoming Milestone Events in the calendar of the Built Environment Fraternity.

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