SPM : The Roles and Responsibilites of Project Managers


  1. The provision of project management services, which is additional to project consultancy services, is applicable for all projects, ie, both in-house and farm-out.
  2. Scope of Services

2.1 Preliminary Services

  • Development of the Master Programme in consultation with the Client and the Architect. The programme showing the overall time-basis for all phases of development will be used to monitor the progress of the project.
  • Assist the Client in the appointment of consultants.


2.2 Design Management Services

  • Assist the Client in the design development process to achieve the project’s time, cost, and value objectives.
  • Reviewing in collaboration with the Client and Consultant, the adequacy of the development plan.
  • Monitoring all necessary applications for planning and building approvals with government bodies.
  • Monitoring design work progress and liaison between consultants.
  • Monitoring of project’s overall master programme and cost.
  • Convening of special meetings amongst consultants for programme and budget tracking purposes.


2.3 Contract Documentation Services

  • Close monitoring and coordination of all appointed consultants.
  • Monitor the consultant’s submission of planning and building approvals and permits.
  • Advising the Client on the consultant’s recommended contractual arrangements and packaging.
  • Monitoring the preparation of contract documentation.
  • Advising the Client on the evaluation and analysis of tender done by the consultants.


2.4 Contract and Construction Management Services

  • Monitoring and streamlining post-contract administration and procedures.
  • Continue monitoring of all works by the team of consultants and contractors.
  • Initiating and directing of the maintenance of efficient expenditure control systems.
  • Managing the project to meet the time, cost, and quality objectives.
  • Monitoring of overall site construction with the view of forecasting problems for their prevention.
  • Close monitoring of all potential cost and time variations to the contracts.
  • Recommending payments to contractors and consultants.


2.5 Post Construction Management Services

  • Monitoring actions taken by contractors and consultants to achieve targeted completion dates.
  • Monitoring of receipt of all necessary as-built drawings, operation and repair manuals, and all guarantees and warranties by the Consultants to Client.
  • Monitoring of defect rectification during the defects liability period.
  • Monitoring and negotiating on the Client’s behalf, if necessary, the main contract final account.